Design Brief

The Problem

Matching colours and/or patterns in different parts of an outfit can be the simplest and quickest way to give it an "edge" and make it stand out from the crowd. 

Today, if you want to buy a watch strap, belt and shoelaces that perfectly match and compliment an outfit, you would have to go and buy them individually from different fashion brands and hope they work together.

Designing and combining these into one product means our customers will be able to make a single purchase that will accessorize any outfit and give it a little more "punch". All items will match in pattern/colour perfectly, leaving them looking stylish.....effortlessly.

Design Scope

Design a collection of menswear accessories that helps to differentiate the wearer from their peers. 

  • The accessories to design are: 1 x belt, 1 x watch strap, 2 x shoe laces that are styled to match and coordinate with each other (these items make up one collection)

  • Applicants can submit up to 3 designs per each collection (9 designs in total)

  • £500 to the winner of each collection. £1500 if you enter and win all 3. 

  • The three collections are “Friday”, “Saturday” and “Sunday” (details on next page). 

  • No packaging designs for the product required. 

  • No watch face design required (only the strap). Should assume the strap will be fitted to a black or white watch face. Aesthetic design for watch strap only, functional design for attaching to the watch face not required .

  • Final logo and branding are TBD and may well be influenced by the winning entries. Feel free to redesign the logo if it better suits the signature piece (see guidelines) of your designs. You may be as creative with the branding as you like, as long as it meets the criteria and guidelines of each of the 3 collections.