Do's & Don'ts



1. Include a signature element to help easily identify LONDON LABEL products from future competitors. Preferably a colour or pattern-based signature such as Christian Louboutin’s red sole, however subtle motifs that are in keeping with the brand will also be considered.

Note: If the signature is pattern-based, it should be relatively subtle enough that it is identifiable as LONDON LABEL, but doesn’t make it the focal point of the design (e.g. Burberry’s tartan or Prism).

2. Level of quality you would expect to find in high-end menswear at high st retailers. 

Note: More details and examples on individual collections on next page

3. Include a brief intro/description of each collection with a few suggestions of outfits/colours that would go well with each particular design.



1. Try not to be season specific. As the debut collection(s), these designs may need to span more than one season.


2. Don’t make the design so elaborate that it is not commercially viable to manufacture.

The Perfect Balance


Styled enough that the wearer is seen as coordinated and stands apart from the crowd. Subtle enough (not too elaborate) that people would want to approach them and pass comments.

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